'The word 'Haptic' comes from the Greek 'haptikos' relating to the sense of touch. As a group of textile and mixed media artists this is an important element in our work.'


We are an exhibiting group of Textile Artists who met at East Berkshire College, Windsor while studying for our HE Diploma of Stitched Textiles 2004-2007 with Jan Beaney, Jean Littlejohn and Louise Baldwin.

Our membership is drawn from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Our work is varied – we have no house style, preferring to explore our individual interests, leading to some highly individual exciting and innovative creations.

We exhibit together once or twice per year, meeting from time to time to spark ideas from one another and experience some of the critical feedback we enjoyed as fellow students.

Members are active in the Textile world, frequently exhibiting, running workshops, teaching and lecturing in UK and abroad.

If you would like to contact the group, please email: info@hapticart.co.uk