Guest Artists

Isabel Carmona

Isabel paints in watercolours, prints and draws in a style full of colour. She takes part yearly in Open Studios with her collagraphs, linocut, monotypes and etchings.

An avid sketcher, Isabel takes her sketchbook everywhere. Stopping to sketch allows stories and anecdotes to develop of which she is reminded of later when developing her work. She shares her sketches as they happen in Instagram (@isacarand)

Favourite subjects include Brighton piers, Newbury and environs, London and Segovia in Spain.

A cofounder of City Arts Newbury and of Pushing Your Sketching Boundaries. Both offer a variety of courses on drawing on location and from observation.

Christine Lack

Christine works in ceramics, sketches and draws and takes part yearly in Open Studios with her ceramic work.

Christine’s passions for countryside, is reflected in her ceramic work. Influenced by the beauty she finds within the landscape, from vast vistas as you crest a hill to patterns created by nature found underfoot, she continuously explores and interprets through the medium of clay.

Using white stoneware and porcelain as her materials of choice for their extreme versatility, great strength, and ability to create delicate forms. Christine’s vessels and abstracted sculptural forms are an interpretation of natures’ fragile beauty created in a mix of glaze and smoke fired techniques.

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